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Garlic Holder

garlic holder blue


A handmade stoneware canister for storing your garlic.  Garlic needs to be in a dark, dry area with air flow.   This canister gives it everything it needs to stay fresh and not grow.  A hard to find item.  Just the right size for 5 or 6 cloves of garlic. 3"x4"



picture below is gauley green

garlic holder gauley green
picture below is cranberry

garlic holder cranberry
picture below is purple

garlic holder purple



Gauley River Pottery WV specializes in handcrafted stoneware and handmade ceramics, near WEBSTER CO WV




Gauley Green
Gauley Green
Cranberry Mountain Sunset
Cranberry Mountain Sunset
New River Nights
New River Nights

Forest Green


Cobalt Blue


Gauley River Pottery

526 West Mount Lookout Road

Mount Lookout, WV 26678

Studio 304-872-2841

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